2015-16 Strategic Positioning Paper

April 22, 2015

The following provides a strategic vision and foundation for the BC Health Regulators (BCHR). On February 18, 2015, the Board of Directors met for a facilitated session to talk about our strategic direction. This daylong meeting resulted in this document, drafted to reflect our strategic positioning and direction. It focuses on key actions that can be taken within the next 12-18 months to guide our future.


BCHR leads collaboration and partnership amongst health profession regulators for excellence in public protection and safe, quality care for British Columbians.

Goal #1: Collaborating to effectively meet our public interest mandate

Actions in next 12-18 months:

  • Undertake Phase 3 of the Public Awareness Campaign;
  • Identify, discuss, prioritize and implement where appropriate, common processes, policies, standards and statements (e.g. patient relations);
  • Identify and take action where possible on shared services (IT/IM, Space, etc.); and
  • Develop and implement a Patient Relations Program across all BCHR members.

Goal #2: Provide relevant and supportive education to our staffs and Boards

Actions in next 12-18 months:

  • Run two Education Days for BCHR staff (possible topics: QA Part 2, HPRB Case Review, Practice Supports for Registrants – what is the right amount?);
  • Develop a Governance (in-person) Boot Camp for new Board members. In the first year of delivery, all board members should attend;
  • Develop a web-based learning module on governance responsibilities under HPA for all Board members and a common package for people considering putting themselves forward for election on a Board;
  • Develop common Board evaluation tools and supports (e.g. code of conduct for board members); and
  • Plan and deliver a second annual forum for staff and board members that focuses on key issues/trends in health profession regulation.

Goal #3: Promote excellent regulatory practices through effective leadership

Actions in next 12-18 months:

  • Work with government to improve legislative framework;
  • Contribute regulatory perspectives about government priorities;
  • Collaborate with government to support an improved process for regulatory and bylaw changes;
  • Develop a shared approach for all BCHR members to deliver learning about being a regulated health professional in BC to use with new applicants/registrants; and
  • Engage with health authorities, employers, third party service providers, and registrants to identify policy or practice issues relevant for collaboration with regulators.

Goal #4: Build an effective and sustainable BCHR

Actions in next 12-18 months:

  • Develop a framework for an ongoing funding model supported by all members;
  • Develop a proposed budget;
  • Develop an action plan for monitoring success of actions items;
  • Hire a person to assist in implementing the priorities;
  • Enhance the information “package” about BCHR (financials, year in review, annual report, etc.) to demonstrate value; and
  • Support formal networks for staff across BCHR members’ operational functions (e.g. IT, Finance, DR’s, etc.)


Brand Statement: The new BCHR brand identity was developed to enhance the recognition of BC’s more than 20 regulatory colleges governed by the Health Professions Act and the Social Workers Act.