There are many reasons why seeing a regulated health professional is important.
A regulated health professional must:

  • Meet educational requirements
  • Maintain a code of ethics
  • Criminal record check completed every five years
  • Complete and pass national and/or provincial exam(s) to test their skills and abilities; and review legal, professional, and ethical practice
  • Publicly registered within their regulatory college and renew their registration annually
  • Must keep their skills up to date
  • Scopes of practice they can undertake within their professional limits
  • The only people who can use many professional titles
  • Must meet professional and practice standards
  • Subject to a complaints process if standards are not met
  • Recognized under the BC Health Professions Act

You might be surprised at the number of times you meet with a regulated health professional. Here is some helpful information about them, their education, the type of work they do, and more.

Dental Hygienists
Dental Surgeons
Dental Technicians
Hearing Instrument Practitioners
Licensed Practical Nurses
Massage Therapists
Naturopathic Physicians
Occupational Therapists
Pharmacy Technicians
Physical Therapists
Podiatric Surgeons
Registered Psychologists
Registered Nurse Practitioners
Registered Nurses
Registered Psychiatric Nurses
Registered Social Workers
Speech-Language Pathologists
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners

Doctor checking woman's blood pressure in exam room smiling

Group of doctors talking about a patient's care. Patient is in the foreground.

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