Is your Healthcare Provider Regulated?

British Columbia currently has 27 regulated health professions caring for patients and clients in a variety of settings, including hospitals, other health care facilities, and the community.

When choosing a health professional, especially in community settings, you can ask them if they are registered with a regulatory college. You will also find a public register of registered professionals on each college website.

Registered health professional titles

Health professionals in B.C. must also be a college registrant to use certain “protected” professional titles, e.g., “nurse”, “registered massage therapist”, “dentist”, or “dietitian”.

When an unregistered and unqualified practitioner is using the title of a regulated health professional in BC, it is considered to be unlawful practice.

BC’s regulatory colleges take any reports of unlawful practice very seriously, following up and taking appropriate action if necessary.

The BC Ministry of Health is conducting a review of the province’s framework for health profession regulation and is working on a plan for modernizing and strengthening the regulatory system. Find out more about regulatory reform in BC, and read the latest news, on how health profession regulators are evolving.