The BCHR Cultural Safety Task Force is developing a resource toolkit that will help member colleges to develop and implement a mandatory Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility (ICS&H) education framework for regulated health professionals.

This collaborative project will minimize duplication of efforts and make it possible for the colleges to have a consistent approach to ICS&H education.

The Health Profession Regulator’s Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility Education Toolkit will support BCHR’s commitment to embed Cultural Safety and Humility within all levels of health profession regulation.

Indigenous voices, perspectives and worldviews will be paramount to the development of the Toolkit, and the education resources will include opportunities for registrants to learn more about Indigenous ways of knowing and transferring knowledge.

New education resource

The goal of this educational resource is to establish an entry level ICS&H competency standard specifying the knowledge, skills and attributes required for health regulatory college registrants who are new/returning to the profession or new to practice in BC, and to support the ongoing development and maintenance of ICS&H knowledge and skills for regulated health professionals.

Recognizing that each college has unique needs, the toolkit will be designed to enable each college to create a unique framework that aligns with its specific regulatory requirements and practice needs of registrants.

The first part of the Toolkit will focus on tools that can be used to develop foundational training for each profession’s entry-level education programs and for new registrants entering practice in BC.

The second will assist the colleges with developing and implementing an education framework for current registrants that can be used for ongoing continuing maintenance of the ICS&H knowledge and skills required for practice.

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